Update # 5 Over -Under

Over-Under - Not taking the time to occasionally chill is a bad decision and there is no better teacher than Jimmy Buffet,

I was speaking with a trusted professional who straightens my head out as needed. He highly recommended that I view this blog as a journal and to keep it up if it helps level my mind. I found that it does. I also found at least one person actually reads this, so that has inspired me to submit another post. RT I am sure you will appreciate this old picture. RT made me realize that I have not updated this in a really long time. Thus I decided to do something therapeutic and create a new post. So what is new? Not sure but I know what is old and that is me; I turned the big 50 last week. Thus maybe theoretically this is a milestone worth talking about right? I have to be honest I only thought I would ever make it to 43. That always was my special magic number, thus in my crazy head, I am playing with house money. Besides people who know me well, know that Flag Day means so much more to me than any silly birthday.  Yet how does one playing with house money spend their 50th Birthday and the big weekend that follows?

Well, it was a crazy time, to say the least. My birthday itself was spent in an extremely well run annual kickoff meeting for the sales team at Othot in Pittsburgh, Pa. Othot is a startup, so we are still a young company yet, I have to say it is impressive how a company can do so much with so few resources. Unfortunately, by the time I got home, it was already Saturday. Thus I decided it would be a great day for a JellyBean pic with Avery in a pretty outfit. Yet she had her own plans. She had determined that it was a good decision to be like violet. She is a huge fan of Fighting Evil and she always wants to be the good guy (girl). Thus she chose to pull out her Halloween costume. Of course, she had to switch the common mask to her super Avery costume mask. (that is a separate long story). She said, "I can not wear violets gloves because they will be slippery and I do not want the jar to slip and break". I have to say; I support every one of those decisions. So if you want an update, I really feel like the jar is working well.

The bonus was she also insisted that we do the "upside down pose". This is a pose I started the day she was born in the hospital. I tucked her in my arms like a football and imitated the Heisman Trophy. For as long she can remember we do this pic at key milestones in her life. Since she only remembers the Heisman pics from the times where she was too long to fit in my arm, her head is always upside down in the pic. Thus to Avery, it is the upside down pose. Einstein was right everything is relative :)  So that was my big day on Saturday.

Sunday was a little more intense, first, my phone lit up because people found out it was my birthday. This was where I found out someone actually reads this blog. So RT thanks for reading the Blog - this update is because you showed you care. Thanks that means a lot.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a poor typist and that I love Villanova basketball. The typing is my brain is often going faster than my hands, whereas Villanova Basketball is one of my few guilty pleasures. So I am minding my own business on my couch watching the Nova vs. Creighton game; when the boys come home after spending a weekend with their dad. It happens right during my Nova game. I can't catch a break cause the drop off is this whole thing that makes watching a game impossible. Luckily I record them all with Youtube TV. .Yet this time was different than the usual loud dropoff. There was a crazy private incident where I was forced to teach my wife's ex a critical life lesson. Not just for him but also for the betterment of my stepsons.

So you know how when you make an omelet you have to break a few eggs. The first step in this lesson was definitely a case where to get to the positive place we need to be; we needed to break a few eggs. When it immediately happened, the boys were very upset, but soon enough they understood the big picture. The most important part was that they saw first hand, with their own eyes that I loved them unconditionally. They comfortably know that if it were ever required, I would lay down my life for them without hesitation. Unfortunately, I didn't use the best choices in my language, and Avery was visibly upset by this.

So we agreed that even though I meant well and what happened was for the right reasons, I did not earn my jellybean because of my choice of bad language. I asked Avery what my punishment should be. She responded" You have to treat the entire family to a "Family Night Out" of our choice." The oldest starts work at 11 PM and could not get out of work, so he asked Avery if he could be excused because he is trying to buy a car that week. She agreed he should go to sleep for work. Then the second oldest tried to get out of it because he too had to work. Avery held her ground. He had called some people, yet no one would cover for him. Thus I told him that I will take care of it for him. I went to Taco Bell with him to call him out of work. Calling out of work is NOT normally something I would EVER stand for never mind recommend doing. But this situation left us with no choice. He had a pretty rough weekend. He tried to solve it on his own to no avail, so the fact was he needed this time off. The reality was he had earned it and most important his family needed him.

Thus the whole available family went nuts for my birthday weekend. We went to Central Pizza where Avery insisted, "No phones at the table during family dinner." The group then lived it up with an hour at Yestercades. Yep, we are very simple people. It was such a great time that the pizza /Yestercades combo is going to become a new family tradition that we do more often.

What was most important about this "Big Weekend" was priorities. I definitely need to do a better job with my physical health, yet what is most important is to take care of our mental health to avoid triggering the occasional Manic Monday.


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