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Update # 5 Over -Under

Over-Under - Not taking the time to occasionally chill is a bad decision and there is no better teacher than Jimmy Buffet,

I was speaking with a trusted professional who straightens my head out as needed. He highly recommended that I view this blog as a journal and to keep it up if it helps level my mind. I found that it does. I also found at least one person actually reads this, so that has inspired me to submit another post. RT I am sure you will appreciate this old picture. RT made me realize that I have not updated this in a really long time. Thus I decided to do something therapeutic and create a new post. So what is new? Not sure but I know what is old and that is me; I turned the big 50 last week. Thus maybe theoretically this is a milestone worth talking about right? I have to be honest I only thought I would ever make it to 43. That always was my special magic number, thus in my crazy head, I am playing with house money. Besides people who know me well, know that Flag Day mean…