Update #4 - Why did this go Viral?

June 27, 2018 - I want to make something totally clear. I understand that no one reads this blog. Fact is that is kind of by design. Since I don't mention this to anyone mostly because I am still formulating what THIS is.

All I ever do is post an apparently random #earnyourjellybean on my LinkedIn posts. That's it and when I post on LinkedIn it is purposely meant to be random an unreferenced. Yet within hours of finishing my post about Jeremy, I just posted a simple post on Linkedin and this happened:

Why would a simple post like this go viral? It really wasn't that witty. I can't say why it went viral, I can only say that it did. To me, it confirmed that last night I made the right choice with Jeremy. It gave me encouragement to simply continue to just focus on earning my jellybean and everything else will take care of itself. #earningmyjellybean.

What you can't see in the current post above is the number of times the post was viewed in just a few hours after being posted:

Just goes to show that if you help people, good things just happen. I am learning to accept the help and love the journey.


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