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Update #4 - Why did this go Viral?

June 27, 2018 - I want to make something totally clear. I understand that no one reads this blog. Fact is that is kind of by design. Since I don't mention this to anyone mostly because I am still formulating what THIS is.

All I ever do is post an apparently random #earnyourjellybean on my LinkedIn posts. That's it and when I post on LinkedIn it is purposely meant to be random an unreferenced. Yet within hours of finishing my post about Jeremy, I just posted a simple post on Linkedin and this happened:

Why would a simple post like this go viral? It really wasn't that witty. I can't say why it went viral, I can only say that it did. To me, it confirmed that last night I made the right choice with Jeremy. It gave me encouragement to simply continue to just focus on earning my jellybean and everything else will take care of itself. #earningmyjellybean.

What you can't see in the current post above is the number of times the post was viewed in just a few hours after bein…

Update #3 - Jeremy from Austin

June 26, 2018 - This has been my worst week for Jellybeans since we started the project. I will miss a total of 5 jellybean ceremonies this week. Now it hasn't been because I have been making bad decisions, as much as, I have been playing the cards that life has dealt me.  As I mentioned in the first post, my job is selling AI solutions to Higher Ed. So to do my job effectively, I need to be where the schools are. And this week that took me to Austin, Texas for the NASFAA Annual Conference which normally would be a great thing.

Except life had some other plans with the cards it was dealing. You see last Friday my mother was admitted to the hospital and word didn't get to me until 8:30 pm Friday night. Not only was I scheduled to fly out Saturday, but the hospital is 30 minutes away. The biggest challenge was that visiting hours end at 9:00.  Thus I have some decisions to make. So I do exactly what my mother always taught us to do when someone you love is in the hospital. She …

Update #2 Oh the places she will go....

June 7, 2018- Today is a very proud day for this dad because it is graduation day. Actually, Avery woke up a little groggy so I immediately began teasing her that it was "Coronation Day", which only proves that I have seen Frozen a few times too many.

 Although we just started Project JellyBean on May 1, 2018. It has already started to make a huge impact. I can't say for sure how much of an impact it has had on Avery, but I can say the impact it has had on me.  As a matter of fact, Avery has yet to miss earning a JellyBean. She has come close a few times but if she starts moving in a direction that we question; all we need to do is say the two simple words "No Jellybean". Those two words snap her back in line. It happens so fast it is amazing. Even more impressive is the degree that she openly shares her opinion on my actions. She is very quick to question if I should have a jellybean that day. There have been a few days where I haven't mostly due to not be…