Update 1: "No Jellybean for YOU"

I knew it wasn't a matter of IF but simply a matter of WHEN I was going to NOT earn my jellybean. You see my job requires me to visit with colleges and attend conferences around the country. I simply do not have the luxury of being home every night for the jellybean ceremony. So I knew there would be a few that I would miss. That is one of the important reasons that the jellybeans come out of the jar every day rather than collect in the jar. It is very important to visually appreciate what I have. I want to be reminded of how fast that jar empties irrespective of the choices that I make. I have already found that it makes me want to make the most out of every chance we have together.

Less than two weeks into our MVP, on Mothers Day 2018 no less, I would need to hit the road. My Mom was going to be at the University of Richmond seeing her second youngest grandchild graduate from college. Something she had seen her 7 other grandchildren do, and some of them more than once.

As luck would have it my job required me to be at Sweet Briar College in Virginia on Monday morning. So although I missed the Mothers Day jellybean ceremony, I did get be part of a key celebration I normally would not have been able to. So when my wife got the jar down for Avery and she asked Avery,  "Did you earn your jellybean today?" she said I did mommy. My wife then said since Daddy isn't here you can also get to have his jellybean. She said, "No Mommy that is YOUR Jellybean. Happy Mothers Day, you earned your jellybean."

The funniest part of the story is although that was the first jellybean ceremony that my wife had to stand in, it wasn't the first time Daddy did NOT earn his jellybean. On Saturday my wife went to take the dog for the walk. Uninvited, Avery and I decided to tag along. My wife says "The jellybean thing that is yours and Avery's thing". Along the same lines, my wife and the dog have there routine, it is kind of their thing. But with that emptying jellybean jar in my mind, I just wanted to spend time with them all. We were messing with their routine. It was clear that my wife was getting annoyed, and playfully I continued to push her buttons to annoy her even more. So at one point during the walk, Avery looked at me and asked: "Would you consider that a good decision?"  I said, "No I guess you are right purposely annoying mommy is not a good decision." We both agreed that I did NOT earn my jellybean. So that night Avery proudly ate the jellybean that should have been mine in front of me, while reminding me to make better decisions.

I realize it has only been two weeks but I am comfortable this experiment is working well.   #earnyourjellybean


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