Update #2 Oh the places she will go....

June 7, 2018- Today is a very proud day for this dad because it is graduation day. Actually, Avery woke up a little groggy so I immediately began teasing her that it was "Coronation Day", which only proves that I have seen Frozen a few times too many.

 Although we just started Project JellyBean on May 1, 2018. It has already started to make a huge impact. I can't say for sure how much of an impact it has had on Avery, but I can say the impact it has had on me.  As a matter of fact, Avery has yet to miss earning a JellyBean. She has come close a few times but if she starts moving in a direction that we question; all we need to do is say the two simple words "No Jellybean". Those two words snap her back in line. It happens so fast it is amazing. Even more impressive is the degree that she openly shares her opinion on my actions. She is very quick to question if I should have a jellybean that day. There have been a few days where I haven't mostly due to not be…

Update 1: "No Jellybean for YOU"

I knew it wasn't a matter of IF but simply a matter of WHEN I was going to NOT earn my jellybean. You see my job requires me to visit with colleges and attend conferences around the country. I simply do not have the luxury of being home every night for the jellybean ceremony. So I knew there would be a few that I would miss. That is one of the important reasons that the jellybeans come out of the jar every day rather than collect in the jar. It is very important to visually appreciate what I have. I want to be reminded of how fast that jar empties irrespective of the choices that I make. I have already found that it makes me want to make the most out of every chance we have together.

Less than two weeks into our MVP, on Mothers Day 2018 no less, I would need to hit the road. My Mom was going to be at the University of Richmond seeing her second youngest grandchild graduate from college. Something she had seen her 7 other grandchildren do, and some of them more than once.

As luck w…

The Origin of #earnyourjellybean

May 1, 2018 - In honor of National Decision Day 2018, I tried to explain to my daughter the importance of today. Unfortunately, she is only in PreK, and it just wasn't going as well as I would like. So we decided to focus instead on the decisions we make every day. Because after all, there aren't that many really big decisions in life. It is the millions of little decisions that we make every day that determines who we are as people. So being a tech guy by nature, I told my daughter we will create a system that will train us both to make better decisions.
First, the UX and UI needed to make these vague concepts more tangible to an average user. Next, we would need to create timelines that would allow us to measure our progress. The interface needed to clear so that the visual is the same on any user device. Although it did not need to be mobile first it, it should have a similar look and feel on Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS. What about gamification? Of course, it needs that…